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An ambitious young Emirati, who challenged the idea of the prevailing society in the region that cooking and kitchen skill and art are not mastered only by women. His grandfather, whose grandfather planted his passion for cooking, his popular environment, pushed his passion for cooking beyond the limits of his hobby.



His cooking skills are a mixture of Emirati food with a touch of flavours from around the world which was derived from him travelling across the world. His account on the Instagram site has more than 30,000 fans for his popular and varied cooking. Chef Sultan Mana Al Otaiba, known as Chef Bo Mana, owner of the account of "Soroud Yedo".

He was able to create his own view of Arab cuisine, as a result of many trips between work and residence in the countries he travelled to, and because he is very attached to Emirati cuisine, he has moved wherever he is and mixed this passion with academic study. He began to gain some success and fame through social networking sites which grew his motivation to develop his profile on social media.


He was also on the Ramadan Program “Everyday Chef”, which focused on adding a professional touch to simples dishes along with cooking methods for housewives as the main viewers of the TV show



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