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Chef Majed Al Sabagh

Master Chef & Little Chefs 

•    Director of  ‘Chef International Hospitality Education and Training Centre’, Sharjah
•    Master Chef certified from World Chefs.
•    F&B consultant in Sharjah Ladies Club.
•    President and Founder of Syrian culinary guild.
•    Vice president at Emirates culinary guild for Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Qween.
•    Member of the heritage cultural committee in the world chefs.
•    Member of the Saudi Arabian Chefs table circle.
•    Honorary Member in Indian Federation of Culinary Associations.
•    Consultant at SMART Business Academy, Sweden.
•    WACS approved Judge since 2012
•    An active member of Chain des Rotisseurs as Maitre Rotisseur.
•    Judged at many Salon culinary around the world. Qatar, Maldives, Mauritius, Romania, Saudi Arabia, India and UAE
•    Teaching culinary art and food safety in University of Ajman for mother and family science in Ajman.
•    Conducts various cookery classes for kids and adults.
•     A proud author of various cookery books and also blogs about cooking innovative recipes and the importance of the presentations.
•    Conduct cookery show ‘SABAH AL SHARJAH’ for the Sharjah TV since 2008.
•    Regular writer to the monthly Marami magazine since 2006, writing about cooking, knowledge and recipes.
•    Certified with cooking Art and sweets from Hotel and Tourist Training center, Damascus, Syria.



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