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After a two and a half year course at the Hotel School of Mauritius, he obtained diplomas in cookery, restaurants, reception and housekeeping. In 1992, he opened his restaurant ‘Le Bon Choix’, where he was chef and director for 25 years. In 1998, he joined the Mauritius Chefs’ Association and became the Second President from 2010 to 2012.


He founded the association ‘Cuisine and Wine’ in 2005, became ‘Disciple of Escoffier’ and in the same year sat on the Board of AHRIM as President of the Restaurant Commission. Became ‘Toque Blanche’ in Cannes in 2008 and ‘Commandeur de la Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France’ in 2011. Alan has judged in more than 60 competitions worldwide. He has been a WACS Judge since 2008. He is also Ambassador of SKMER in Croatia and Ambassador of World Chefs Without Borders since 2013.


He is an honorary member in several countries of the world. He was recently appointed as Special Advisor to Africa for Cultural Heritage. He recently published his first book called ‘50 Chefs celebrate the 50 Years of Mauritius’.



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